Meeting Minutes from the Nov. 13, 2014 General Meeting

Sound Board

General Meeting

November 13, 2014


President– Call to Order

Motion to approve minutes from the previous meeting is made, vote is taken and approved.

Thanks for all who volunteered at the Dutchtown Marching Festival.

Showcase in Lafayette was a success with the band receiving all 1’s.


Ms Bell– Very proud of the students at Showcase and their scores.

Hand out is given about the Chicago Trip…will discuss the trip based on 150 students attending, please refer to hand out.

-The non-refundable deposit will pay for busses and event fees.


Mr. Modenbach– The NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT will lock in the costs now. We are not set up for online payments. Deposits are only for the students now. Chaperones will be determined late and their deposits will be due at a later date. The current Chaperone to student ratio is 1:8. The students will choose their own room mates. Room estimates are based on 4 per room.

Winter Guard auditions were held and 23 students were accepted into WG. Practice will start in December and the first competition will be in late January.


Ms Bell– 7 students made Southeast Honor Band with 5 going.

Every student will be marching for the Christmas Parade on December 14th, that also includes CG.


Vice President– nothing at this time


Treasurer – we are done w/ concessions and are $600 short on what was budgeted.


Secretary– will send Allen and Ms Bell minutes and copies of Band Trip info.


Administrative Assistant– Trip is separate for the band fees. Checks should be made out for the Chicago trip to Sound Board and fee payment to DTHS band (please include the students name on any check you send in).

Statements were sent out to those who owe more that $75 for fees.

All fees must be paid first in order to go to the Chicago trip. The only exception is the deposit. The deposit will be accepted to hold your spot, but any additional money paid must go toward unpaid fees first, then the trip.


Trustee (Patrick)- compiling a list of service hours to turn in. All football games are entered, but wtill working on the marching festival. If anyone has not sent in their hours from the festival or any other money making event, please do so.

Fundraiser pick up will be on Tuesday November 18th from 4-6.


Auxiliary- Our Laser Tag fundraiser brought us $520. We are still accepting cookbook pre-orders for $10 each book. The indoor WG competition is scheduled for Saturday, March 7th at DTHS.

Festival– (TIM) Thanks to everyone who helped out


Concert– still need a chair

Concessions- not present

Hospitality– we need snacks for our pre-meeting Social

Fundraising– possibly ideas include…City Bucks, fish fry, cup/tumbler sale….We are planning another sheet sale, possibly in January.

Jazz Brunch


PR- we have received great press coverage for the festival and showcase. The band and boosters appreciate all the coverage Roxanne has brought to our organization.

Uniforms- Students will wear Concert uniforms for concert. They will turn them in and pick up their marching uniform for the Christmas parade.



Spirit– Some “Bling” shirts are in. The DT Sound order will be at the next meeting. Patches are in and sorted and we still have some festival shirts available…We have been asked about “show shirts”, we will have them next year for our show.

Additional Business-

Rose Childress– has posted pictures from Showcase. You can contact her for high-resolution copies if you wish.

Motion to adjourn is made, a vote is taken and motion is passed….Meeting is adjourned.







Meeting Minutes from the Oct. 16, 2014 General Meeting

Sound Board

General Meeting 10-16-14


President – Call to Order

Welcomed everyone for attending.

Motion to accept minutes from the last meeting, there were no objections, motion passes and minutes are accepted as written.

The band is entering a very busy time with the end of football season approaching and the upcoming marching festivals.

  • We need more equipment movers for the Morgan City marching festival.
  • We also need more volunteers for our marching festival on October 25th. All time and volunteer spots earn service hours. Family and friends can work towards students’ hours. Go to Charms, there are separate sections for student and adult volunteers.


Ms. Bell –       Introduced our new student teacher, Paige Liccioni.

We will be performing at the Morgan City Jr High for their marching festival on the 18th. The address is 911 Marguerite St. , Morgan City. Students taking the PSAT test will get a ride to Morgan City and meet up with the band. We had a good rehearsal today. The students really stepped up.

We are still working on getting police for our festival.

Dutchtown is well represented at All State Honor Band. The concert will be in November.

We have not heard from the school board yet about our trip to Chicago. It has been approved by our principal.


Mr. Modenbach – Kids will do great at the marching festival.

Thanks to all parents who are helping at the Marching Festival


Vice President – Son cone machine is not certified to serve in Ascension Parish. The church “New Song” will allow us to use it tin the future if we can’t use it this year.


Treasurer –   Provided a copy of the Profit/Loss statement.

Has been receiving entry fees for our marching festival.

Received a check from the car wash for the fundraiser. It was $20.

Concessions are on track.


Secretary – Will send Allen the approved minutes to post on the website.


Admin. Assistant – Fundraiser is on Charms and will continue to work on posting everything.


Trustee (Patrick) – entering service hours as they come in

(Pennie) – We need volunteers for marching festival

(Gregg) – Nothing to report


Advisor – Nothing to report.


Auxiliary – We had our garage sale and made a profit of $908. We will have another one in the spring.

We are still working on our cookbook. The deadline to submit recipes has been changed to Nov 14th.

We just had a fundraiser at Laser Tag of Baton Rouge. We will not know how much we made for at least another week. I was told there was a good turnout. We get $10 per person.


Chaperones – We are good on Chaperones for the Morgan City festival. We are taking 4 buses.


Concert – We need a chair for this committee. It is the easiest job to do. You need to get the microphone, and chairs and set up the cafeteria for the concerts.


Concessions – We are doing really well and have great help. Last week we sold out of everything. She just placed a big order for Catholic and the Festival.

She needs volunteers for the end of the Festival.


Ms Bell – Service clubs at the school will volunteer at our Marching Festival. We need to contact their sponsors.


Hospitality – Thanks to all who brought food for the meeting.


Fundraising – Latest fundraiser is #1 Fundraising. She brought 2 flags to see the quality and has food to sample. Packets are available if you need one.


(Hal) – Not present,


Jazz Brunch/Silent Auction – We need a chair


Maintenance – We need someone


Public Relations – Today’s Advocate had an article about the Festival


Uniforms – They will wear full uniforms tomorrow for the Catholic High game. They will also use the new plumes.


Ms. Bell – If the students do not fold their uniform properly, they will have to go to the back of the line and try again. They need to wear shorts under uniforms and a black shirt (not the DT Sound shirt) We want to wear the DT Sound shirt for festival in Morgan City.

On October 31st, there will be a party after the game for Halloween in the band room or the gym. Students can dress up. There will be a costume contest and games. The party ends at 11:30pm.


Volunteers – Please sign up on Charms. You can even sign up tonight. For the festival, parking will be behind the baseball field for volunteers. You need to go to the volunteer tent to check in and get your wristbands, then go to the leaders of your section you signed up for and sign in. Don’t forget to sign out with your section leader at the end of your shift.

There are still spots to fill.

Some shift times have changed; please look to see if your spot is one of them.

(Tim) –Parking lot attendants, please be aware of how each car is parked. We need to park many vehicles and can’t afford to lose space.


Website – Nothing to report


Spirit Sales – Taking pre-orders tonight for bling shirts along with the Keep Calm shirts. We will order more hoodies.

Vehicle decals will be available at the festival.


(Tim) – He is still waiting to hear back form Ascension Equipment and Ascension Golf Carts on what they are willing to donate.

  • Need leaf blowers. We have 2 but may need more (gas powered)
  • Need tents or canopies
  • Need tables. Please put your name and cell # on tables so we know where they belong.
  • Please bring all items on Saturday morning at 8 AM
  • Waste Pro will bring dumpster of Friday.
  • Allison’s Music does repairs on site and provides the Trophies. They need a 150-foot extension cord (Actually needs 20 ft.)
  • Parking – We will man the gate to enter the field and rotate the trailers.
  • Busses, we don’t have a bus count as of yet but we need to have room to move trailers behind the busses.
  • Tim’s email and cell is on the email that Kevin sent out if you need him.
  • Tim may need help returning equipment
  • Students’ responsibility for the festival….no one is allowed to leave until all clean up is finished. If you find a student anywhere but in the stadium, send them to the stadium to clean up. The students will also be told.


Concessions – Only 2 burners are operating. We need to think about purchasing more. They run about $100-$110 a piece.


Festival Hospitality – Almost finished with the decorations. We have had a great response for food donations. Ambrosia Bakery is donating 100 pieces of cake. If anyone wished to donate to the festival hospitality, contact Beatrice.


(Amy) Patches are $4 before the festival and $5 on the day of. Shirts are S-XL will be $12 and larger sizes will be $14. Pre-orders are now available.


Mr. Modenbach – We move the equipment for our festival. Most festivals don’t offer that service. This helps us stand out among other festivals. We need trailers for this Saturday at Morgan City and a truck to pull it. Morgan City does not provide trailers for equipment.


Ms. Bell – Thanks to all parents who help. Love your kids and encourage them to attend practice to work toward Showcase.

Playoff practice will be determined later


Motion to adjourn. There are no objections. Motion passes and the meeting is adjourned.










Meeting Minutes from the Sept. 11, 2014 General Meeting

The Sound Board

General Meeting

September 11,2014



President –           Welcome

Asked everyone to sign in at the back table

Hoodie sale was a success. If you have not received your order yet, please check the box in the front of the band room before leaving.

We are in need of volunteers for concessions and spirit sales for our next home game. Please sign up on charms.


Motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting

2nd is given

Motion passes without discussion

Minutes are approved


Vice President – We no longer need to purchase radios for the band. We received a donation of 16 radios.

Sheet sale orders are due tonight.


Treasurer –         presented the Profit and Loss statement as of 9-9-14. There were no questions. It was accepted and will be added to the minutes.


Admin. Assist. – Notices were sent out notifying those who still owe fees. This will be done monthly.

Albertson’s cards are available. We are the only school in partnership with Albertson’s.


Trustee’s – not present


Advisor – nothing to add


Committee Updates

Auxiliary – Color Guard is currently working on 2 fundraisers. We are holding a garage sale on October 11th and need donations. If you wish to donate any items please email Lisa Carline at

We are also working on a cookbook. Right now we are still trying to get more recipes, we do not have enough and will have to meet with the cookbook committee to decide how to proceed. Right now the deadline to submit is Sept 30th. The form letter is on the DT Sound website if anyone wants to enter recipes.


Festival – (Tim) In contact with different businesses to obtain donations of trailers and 4-wheelers. If you have one you would like to donate for use at the marching festival, let him know.


(Tonya) Invitations have gone out to the bands, but it is still early to know how many to expect.

(Amy) In the process of ordering patches and shirts. Will get with Joey to discuss further.


Chaperones – All spots are filled for tomorrow’s game


Concert – need Chair


Concessions – Impressed with the turnout for signing up. She will try different stations to keep people from moving all over. She will see where everyone fits the best, whether it is cooking, money, assembly or drinks.


We can put posters of donation around the concession stand.

We ran out of water for the jamboree, but have ordered more to avoid this from happening again.


Hospitality – need snacks for meetings, anyone can bring items. Contact Rose if you need information on what to bring.


Fundraising – will welcome any ideas for fundraising.

Will have a food sale in October. Delivery would be the week before Thanksgiving. Included will be a fall book, which friends can order online and have the order shipped directly to customers. This is through #1 Fundraising. The profit is 40% and goes into the kid’s accounts.


Motion to approve this fundraiser

2nd is given.

Motion passes.


Jazz Brunch – nothing yet….too early


Public Relations – DT Sound has a presence in the paper. We have had articles on the pre season performance, our drum majors, the water games for band camp, the new Assistant Director –Daniel Modenbach and will put something in on the Seniors receiving their jackets.


Uniforms – Students will wear their full marching uniforms in October. We will send them to the cleaners after the McKinley game. She will need help getting them to and from the cleaners.


Website – Minutes that were accepted tonight will be posted tomorrow. He will post pictures of the football game also.


Spirit Sales – not present at this time


Director’s Update

Ms. Bell – Navy is disbanding in Bell Chase and we got their library. She is very thankful for that.

The students did a great job on the 1st show.

Will take a pep band to Destrehan, not the full band.


Presentations of Letterman jackets: took individual pictures with Ms. Bell and Mr. Modenbach and a group picture in the lobby for the paper.



Motion to adjourn the meeting

2nd given

Motion passes

Meeting is adjourned

Dutchtown Color Guard Garage Sale-Saturday October 11, 2014 7am-12 pm

On Saturday October 11,2014 the Dutchtown Color Guard will hold its annual garage sale at 39449 Al Dr. in Prairieville from 7am to 12 noon. All profit from this garage sale will help fund the Dutchtown Color Guard. We are accepting donations of unwanted or unused items beginning on Monday October 6th. If you have any items you wish to donate, contact Lisa Carline at or Shana Garland at .

Sound Board General Meeting Minutes – Aug. 14, 2014

General Booster Meeting

August 14, 2014

Ms. Bell –

Explained how Remind 101 works. The phone # is 571-389-7207

Codes for each are:

Concert Band (Intermediate Band on schedule) @5da5d4

Symphonic Band (Modenbach) Advanced Band @a2263

Symphonic Winds @c6af04

Percussion Ensemble @697df (since CG also is in Perc. Ens. We will try to set up one just for them)

Instrumental Tech (Bell) @0a722c

Instrumental Tech /Jazz Band (Modenbach) @e9954

8th graders should follow the Intermediate Band code.

Charms will be used to communicate in large group emails. To contact Ms. Bell, email her directly.

 President –

Introduced himself to the group. Told the group that band camp and marching band is going well.

Introduced officers and Committee Chairs.

Announced that Julia Hamilton will co-chair concessions with Tammi Aidt.

New logo design for t-shirts and hoodies this year. He had examples to show and order forms will be available

There are open spots for volunteers at the Marching Festival. Sign up on Charms.

Need to fill spots for Concert, Maintenance and Jazz Brunch/Silent Auction.

 Ms. Bell –

Even though kids say they do not want you there, they really do. Please volunteer. They want parents involved.


President –

Marching Festival is October 25th, mark it down.

We have a planned concession clean out day set as Saturday August 23rd.

A new popcorn machine was purchased.

Ms. Bell-

Introduced Daniel Modenbach as the new Assistant Band Director. He was Dutchtown’s 1st Drum Major.

Trip – Chicago IL

  • Principal has approved. We are waiting on approval from the school board.
  • Events would include (as of now) Wrigley Field tour, ComedySportz show, and performance by the Chicago Symphonic Orchestra, Chicago Sky Deck, Performance at Dixie Classic Festival, and a tour of the Field Museum.
  • Cost will depend on the number of students attending, how many buses are needed, the cost of a 4 night stay and cost to get into each event. Not all meals will be paid for, that would be an additional cost.
  • We will have fundraisers to deter some of the cost, but saving a little each month, till then, is helpful.
  • We will give out a paper to sign stating that the deposit is non refundable once booked
  • Chaperones pay same amount as students.
  • Questions about parents and siblings wanting to attend will be addressed at a later date.

Party for the kids after the Pre season performance:

  • Boosters will provide hamburgers and hot dogs.
  • Flutes / Clarinets – Desserts
  • Saxes / Trumpets – 2 liter drinks
  • Mello’s / Low Brass – Chips and dips
  • Battery Percussion – Paper plates
  • Front Ensemble – Utensils
  • Color Guard – Napkins

All students must help clean up. At 11pm all must be out of the gym and on their way home.

 Jamboree is in 2 weeks. Although not required, all available must attend. It begins at 6pm. Students must wear khaki shorts and band shirts.

Charms – enter “dutchtownhsband” enter child’s last name with the 1st initial of the first name.

Concession pre orders are on Charms and are due the Wednesday before a football game.

Vice President-

We met a week ago with Officers and Committee Chairs and a decision was made to improve communications with the purchase of two sets of 2 way radios. Two sets include 12                             radios for a purchase price of $200.


Explained the approved budget. Asked if there were any questions, there were none. She told the group she would be available after the meeting to discuss any concerns. Motion to                                       approve the budget is made, 2nd is made and budget passes with no questions or additional discussion.

Secretary –

Minutes, once approved, will be posted on the DT website. A sign in sheet will be attached withthe minutes as official part of the record but will not be posted.

Admin. Asst. –

Charms login with child’s last name and first initial.

Please update your information.

If you have an email, it is not going through, please enter in an alternate email.

Do not send in any money for the trip yet, it has not been approved by the school board.

Band Fees will have to be paid before any money can go towards a trip. Deposits will be accepted. Other than deposits, any money received will have to be credited to band fees first.

Service hour credit is a minimum of 20 hours per student at a revenue generating activity. Concessions and Spirit Sales counts as revenue generating, Chaperones and equipment movers do not. Once earned, the credit will be $75 for the following school year. This is not available to 8th grade alternates or to Color Guard. All volunteer spots for Marching Festival will count toward service hours. Everyone must sign in and out to get credit. Anyone can volunteer for a student, but they must list the students name next to their name in order for the hours to count toward that child.

Trustee (Patrick) –

Not present


Sign up on Charms for volunteer spots. Shifts listed (1st, 2nd, and 3rd ) times have not been determined yet. We won’t know times till about 2-3 weeks prior to festival.

(Gregg) –

Not present

Advisor –

Nothing to add at this time

Auxiliary –

Color Guard has been practicing since the team was named in April of the last school year. They have met throughout the summer and everyday after school. They are currently working on 2 fundraisers, a Garage Sale and a Cookbook. Details will be sent to add on the DT Sound website.

Festival (Tim) –

Explained how festival moves equipment from the field to busses. He is in need of 4-wheelers, trailers, golf carts or anything to move equipment.

Chaperones –

Need chaperones at games. Sign up on Charms

Concert –

In need of a chair

Concessions –

Providing food for party after pre season performance. Will need volunteers for that.

Jamboree will have limited concessions. Spending money on the visitor’s side is money toward the band. Please visit the visitor side concessions. Will need volunteers for the jamboree.

Hospitality –


Fundraisers –

Need ideas for fundraising. Rose agreed to help co-chair.

Hal will send out an email about the sheet sale next week. They are $40 a set, any size. Look for his email

Uniforms –

Needs anyone who can sew hems and buttons to let her know. Will also need help matching pants to jackets. Will also need help transporting uniforms to the cleaners and back to storage                                   after marching season.

Volunteers –

Please sign up on Charms

Website –

Spirit Sales –

Shirts will be available

Motion to adjourn

2nd is given

Meeting is adjourned.

Submit your recipes for the Color Guard cookbook now!

Dear Friends,

Our organization is creating a custom cookbook featuring favorite recipes from our members. These cookbooks will be professionally published and are sure to be a treasured keepsake for us all. Money raised will go to the Dutchtown High School Color Guard.

Please submit your favorite recipes so you can be represented in our cookbook. Many recipes from all members will ensure that our cookbook is a success. We are using Morris Press Cookbook’s website to easily submit recipes online.

We anticipate a great demand for our cookbooks, and we want to be certain to order enough. Cookbooks will be a pre-sell item at a cost of $10 a book. Any extra books ordered will be sold at a slightly higher price. Please order enough cookbooks to take advantage of the lower price.

In order to meet our deadline, please submit your recipes by September 30, 2014. We are anticipating having the completed books by late November to take advantage of the Christmas season.

Thank you!

To Submit Recipes Online:

  • Go to and click “Login”
  • Enter the User Name:  griffincg
  • Enter the password:  dishes689   and click “Submit”
  • Click ‘Add Recipes’ to begin adding your recipes


Recipe Writing Tips:

  • When adding recipes, review the “Tips” and use standard abbreviations.
  • Only enter 1 ingredient per ingredient line.
  • List ingredients in order of use in the ingredients list and directions
  • Include container sizes, e.g. (16-oz.) pkg., (24-oz) can.
  • Write directions in paragraph form, not in steps.
  • Use names of ingredients in the directions, e.g., “Combine flour and sugar.” DO NOT use statements like, “Combine first three ingredients.”
  • Include temperatures and cooking, chilling, baking, and/or freezing times.
  • Additional comments about the recipe (history, nutritional data, suggested uses, etc.) are not allowed unless a “Recipe Note” field is visible. Enter extra recipe content in that field.


Contact Lisa Carline with any questions.



Band Shirts and Hoodies Now Available!

Parents & Students,

The Sound Board will be selling three apparel items this fall.  The items for sale will be a redesigned Dutchtown Sound hoodie, a booster club shirt that has Sound Board surrounding the band logo, and a new t-shirt design for the Dutchtown Sound Moving Company (aka band equipment movers). Pre-orders will be taken throughout Prep Week. The band and booster club apparel order form is available at the link below.

Band and Booster Club Apparel Order Form


Kevin McCullough

Sound Board – President

Picture This (2014-2015 Season)



1. Say Cheese
2. Paparazzi
3. Still Life
4. Candid
5. Iconic

Composer(s) / Arranger(s):

Steve Martin, Aaron Hines & Dan Bryan

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